• Highly effective print and digital advertising solutions that deliver results
  • Access to captive audiences

High-impact, hyper-local advertising solutions

Spark Media has two powerful tools for brand marketers:

  • Access to captive audiences in local communities across South Africa

  • Highly effective print and digital advertising solutions that deliver results

Print is consumed intentionally. Print adverts are up to 4 times more impactful and up to 2 times more effective than social media ads¹ alone.

Digital ads can increase brand awareness by as much as 80%², and consumers are 155% more likely to look up your brand-specific terms after being exposed to display ads³.

The best solution? One campaign that incorporates both these mediums.

Combining print and digital ads makes online campaigns 400% more effective⁴. Localised print and digital advertising directly targets shoppers in your catchment area.

Spark Media specialises in highly targeted, local print advertising solutions in 115 local paper titles and 58 local news websites in South Africa.

We help marketers connect with economically active consumers in South Africa by distributing 2.9 million newspaper copies each week, and engaging 5 million online users each month, delivering your brand message directly to consumers.

Our print advertising solutions work because South Africans read local papers, and respond to the advertising in them.

Our digital marketing solutions work because South Africans frequent local news websites to stay connected, and engage with online adverts.

¹ThinkNewsBrands, The Benchmark Series cross-media survey, 2021, ²Google, ³SERP Watch, ⁴Top Media Advertising


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